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BeJaguar, Display Design and Exhibition Construction is the creative design branch of BeJaguar Group, which dedicates to the design and construction of exhibit hall, exhibit pavilion, conference room and exhibit booth. It brings together a group of professionals with different characteristics in different design areas, provides full scale design services with operational service awareness for enterprises, government agencies and investment institutions etc. BeJaguar, Display Design and Exhibition Construction focuses on the innovation of the space, emphasis on user experience, interprets the aesthetics of life, explores the creation of space with thinking of culture and user experience concepts. We like to reflect the concept of culture into our design works, to showcase the cultural development path, as well as highlight the characteristics of the era. Based on the different methods and experience of high-quality interior and exterior design, many attempts and researches have been made in related areas, such as green energy conservation and exhibition modularization, etc.

Customized Research Consultation